To install a Ceton InfiniTv into a Windows Home Server (64 bit), yoneman use the following steps:

1. Install the current 64bit Ceton driver software package and make sure your hw & fw for the ceton card are up-to-date.

2. Go to the card's internal website ( by default) and configure the network settings to use your network address scheme (you can either set a static IP address for the card, or tell it to use DHCP. If you use DHCP, you should set up a DHCP Reservation by MAC so it will always have the same IP moving forward.).

3. Bridge the WHS LAN connection with the Ceton NIC connection.

4. Set a static (again either manually or via DHCP) IP address for the newly created bridge connection.

5. Ensure to set firewall ports to allow the traffic through to the whs box and you're all set on the WHS server side.

6. Go to the clients and install the sharing utility from ceton's website & configure the clients as normal.

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